Paoli Dam is a noted Bengali actress who proved her mettle over the years through her performances in the movies like Moner Manush, Banshiwala, Kaalbela et all. Here are some of her latest pictures, wallpapers and photographs, stills.
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What is Paoli think about this Video? When we Ask Paoli if she was responsible for the video disappearing and she says, “No. I had no hand in it. I have always been an inhibition-free girl. In this movie, there are two men in my life. While Sudipda’s character provides security to me, Anubrata plays a young guy who satisfies me. Nobody thinks of women’s pleasure and “Chatrak” had uninhibitedly shown how women too want and get their share of sexual satisfaction.”

Wasn’t she uneasy about doing such explicit scenes? “If anyone has watched Vimukthi’s movies, one will know that such things are not an issue at all. Yes, there are scenes of Anubrata having oral sex with me. The scenes were shot without using any body double but the filming was very aesthetic. Such scenes are normal when one is working with Vimukthi,” she insists. Juliette and Kate did it, so did Paoli.

Why then did the version of the movie that was shown at Cannes never have these scenes? “Such scenes are no big deal in Cannes. Kate Winslet did it. So did Juliette Binoche. So, why should there be so much uproar if Paoli does something like this in a Bengali movie? I had watched many such movies before filming such scenes and it was not a problem for me. Vimukthi has gone to Toronto and I am told that the version that will be shown there will have this scene.”

Is everything for Toronto? Paoli says, “I have serious date issues. I am doing a film that’s being produced by Vikram Bhatt. I have to complete some portions of “ECA”. Since the same unit is working on both “Chatrak” and “ECA”, I had to honour the request of the latter to complete this project. I just don’t have dates for completing Bappada’s movie. Who knows, “ECA” might also take me to Toronto. For me, it’s the shooting of the film and my commitment towards it that is most important. I had no problems being present at Toronto even if the film is screened with these scenes. As I said, if Kate Winslet can proudly do those scenes in “The Reader“, why would I fight shy?”